Πόροι εργαλειοθήκης

  1. Outdoor learning: an evaluation of learning in the outdoors for children under five in the foundation phase

    Evidences on the benefit of outdoor education for children under the age of five. The research was conducted in 2010   

  2. Cascina Falchera: STEAM and outdoor education in a peri-urban farm

    EThe educational proposal in Cascina Falchera mixes outdoor education and STEM methodology for children aged 3 to 11    

  3. Le Serre: oudoor education in a urban garden, for children aged 0-6

    KwBaby is the 0-6 experimental educational service of the Kilowatt association in the regenerated spaces of the Giardini Margherita (Margherita Gardens) in Bologna   

  4. Outdoor education: theory and practice to bring your classroom outside

    What is outdoor education, what are its benefit and how to implement it   

  5. This webinar moves and explores the relationships between three dimensions: nature, technology and communication. Amanda Ferrario and Danilo Casertano talk about outdoor lessons, outdoor learning spaces, and education for sustainability.   

  6. Orti Generali: courses and activities in a urban garden

    Orti Generali offers the opportunity for people, in groups or as individuals, to cultivate a piece of land and to learn, with courses, activities and workshops.   

  7. The Pefkites Forest School is the first school in Greece to apply the principles of the global reform movement to preschool education, that of Forest Pedagogy. It aims at the full development of children’s emotions, their kinetic integration and the cultivation of respect for the human being and nature, so that only in the natural environment can this be accomplished, experimentally, freely, without walls   

  8. Operating Guide of Nature Kitchen

    How to use/operate a nature kitchen    

  9. ΄ Playing in the schoolyard ΄΄ A study of preschoolers' free play during recess

    The purpose of this work is to detect and capture the characteristics that make up children's free play during break time. Based on the overall material we collected, we tried to describe the reality, regarding the school break, of a class of kindergarten children, following the general theoretical principles and methodology of ethnography.    

  10. Interactive Map - Creation of new pre-school outdoor learning environment

    The DEHORS project focuses on the fact that outdoor activities can regularly take place in pre-schools, however their quality particularly in terms of learning needs to be improved.    

  11. The Next Generation: Doing Permaculture with Children

    A list of ways to design permaculture gardens and more with kids    

  12. Transforming an old playground to a permaculture garden   

  13. Children, environment and sustainable development

    Educational work of preschool institutions in the field of environmental and sustainable education   

  14. Permaculture - Dalmatia

    Offer solutions for various social and environmental problems that our community faces.   

  15. Offers tips and suggestions about gardening

  16. Urban Gardening Ideas to Help Your Child Learn About the Environment

    Children garden activities

  17. Using Gardening to Promote STEM

    Gardening is a learning tool that is appropriate for children or adults of any age. Early childhood providers and preschool programs can use gardens to provide multisensory learning experiences and to give children a strong foundation in basic STEM concepts.

  18. Waldorf Education Philosophy

    Ever-expanding archive of open source, free-shared, and duplicable Waldorf education philosophy inspired ideas that organize into the primary components of the One Community Education Program: Curriculum for Life, Teaching Strategies for Life, Learning Tools and Toys for Life, and building The Ultimate Classroom.

  19. has a YouTube channel that offers a variety of videos related to gardening and STEAM activities for kids. They have a dedicated playlist for preschool and kindergarten activities, including videos that explore the science, math, and creativity behind gardening.

  20. Gardening for Kids: SciShow Kids is a popular YouTube channel that produces educational videos for young learners. They have a series of videos related to gardening, plants, and nature that introduce science concepts in a fun and engaging way. The videos often incorporate STEAM elements and are suitable for kindergarten-aged kids. 

  21. Homeschool Pop

    Homeschool Pop is a YouTube channel that offers educational content for homeschooling and young learners. They have a playlist specifically focused on gardening for kids, which includes videos exploring different aspects of gardening and related STEAM concepts.

  22. The Edible Schoolyard Project

    The Edible Schoolyard Project provides resources and lesson plans for garden-based learning. While their content caters to various age groups, they have a section dedicated to young children that includes activities, videos, and guides for integrating gardening and STEAM concepts.